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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Office Office

What could be a happy ending of a college life? The traditional answer is -Getting a good job, probably. I believe, it's a beginning of new phase of life. Things change - some for good and some for bad.

I remember my first day at my first job. Lots of excitement..... butterflies in stomach, little fear, happiness, millions of imaginations in mind. Looking back, i feel it was a nice first experience......entering a completely new territory.....with new people around...totally different atmosphere compared to my college/school.

I have understood the 'office' better with time. It is a kind of mini life. 'Life' within 'Life'. Like Life, here also i have to give my best shot. As it is said, "Don't take life too seriously or you won't be able to enjoy it". The same applies to office. You should not be too emotional about it. Stepping inside my home in the evening, i tell myself - leave the office behind the door. At times, you have to struggle at your workplace, you don't always get the credit equal to your work. So is 'life', you don't get back as much as you give.

I have learnt to laugh over certain unavoidable situations at my able find some humor in every bit of it....People arguing with each other when all of them are trying to prove the same point....... Listening to certain irritating fellows, as some of them happen to be your seniors..........meetings which end without any conclusion....

Without doubt, i love the brainstroming sessions and knowlegde sharing with learned collegues. Team work is always a fun.....every little achievement excites me.....i feel alive. I completely enjoy the laughter sessions......Chit Chats in my 'All Girls Group'......Lunch breaks......Tea Clubs......bitching about the management....

Oh..but sometimes i wish i could bunk the office just like the college classes.

Over the period of time, i have realized that all-in-all office is not that bad, though i desperately wait for weekends :-)

For me, the Mantra for a good office life is -
Take it Easy !!!
Do your part of duty well !!!
Enjoy !!!
Love it !!!

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