Life is indeed beautiful..It took me more than two decades to realize the same. We let go little joys of life waiting for something big.. but life is not about few big things, it is collection of million little moments of happiness & love...Sharing my encounter with ‘Beautiful Life’ and bringing out the emotions from the corner of my heart…..

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Heart of a Mom

A little angel knocked my door
I couldn't ask God for more
The Joy he brought
I could never thought

My Clothes are shabby
My house is dirty
Nights are sleepless
Days are rest-free

Your smile is my sunshine
Your Laughter so divine
Magical Eyes, Innocent Face
What a grace !

You are my treasure
You are my pleasure
Sprinkling your charm
Makes me feel warm

Living More, Loving More
Worrying More, Feeling More
For now I carry a 'Heart of a Mom' 

~ Shail

Monday, March 2, 2015

From a newborn

Dear Mom, 

I grew inside you for nine months....I am familiar with your smell, I identify with your heartbeat,  I know your warmth...
You brought me to this world....a very very new place for me...
I cry...because sometimes I feel scared, sometimes I feel hungry,  sometimes because of stomach ache, sometimes I just need to be held...sometimes you understand, at times you don't....
I feel helpless when you don't understand and I cry louder....I think its perfectly normal...
You feel bad seeing me can't see me in pain...
Mom, in no time I will grow big...and will be able to communicate better. Till then cherish these moments...don't get upset...I want to listen good stories of this time from you once I grow up. Trust God that newborns are meant to be like this only !!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Life is a Dance Floor...

Life is a Dance Floor....
You are my Partner...
I am not at all perfect at it...
But, with you, everything seems and feels to be perfect...
Lost in the tunes so happy...
Enjoying every move and step of it....
No fear of falling; for I know you are always there to hold me !!

~ Shail

Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Togetherness

Sitting in the balcony, watching sunset together and sipping their warm cup of tea...the lovely old couple.  She coughs....he asks if she has taken her medicine. She giggles....he brings the medicine....teases her...both of them laughs. She rests her head on his shoulder.

They are happy, they have lived a fulfilled and joyful complaints
from regret.

Married since last 35 years, enjoyed every bit of blissful life. Had kids, raised them well. Have a lovely family and a beautiful nest.

Yes, they too have gone through all ups and downs of life. 

The most beautiful thing they possess is their togetherness.

Love so soothing, love so simple !!

~ Shail

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy and Content..

I can't forget this story from my childhood by Leo Tolstoy. 
A man was given an opportunity to acquire as much land as he walks through the whole day and returns back before sunset. He kept running, exhausted himself to death, out of greed to get more and more. Of course, he touched the start point before sunset, he acquired acres and acres of land, he acquired all the wealth he desired. Pity, he was then buried under just 6 feet long land. "How much land does a man need?"

Life is like this single day...we keep running after materialistic things...try to control life...rarely sits back to enjoy it...
What is the point in earning wealth if we are not able to enjoy it?
In the end it is never about how much money you made...nor it's about the position you reached in your career. Money and career are instruments for a happy life...but they are not synonymous to happiness...

One can buy number of houses........but these are only bricks and mortar....there is only one home for a person...a happy home with a loving family.

I remember my childhood games...the fun I had with friends and siblings...I cherish those memories...I don't even remember which game I won and which I lost....The happiness is not for winning, the happiness is for good memories. We tend to forget this as we grow up. We create money, we create success, concentrating less on creating happiness and memories.

We impart education to our generations to earn their living and to excel in their career.....Definitely,we are doing the right thing...but hope we could tell them more often that "The Goal is to enjoy and to live a happy life !!"

~ Shail

Friday, September 13, 2013


Sky...the vast sky....the endless sky...beginning and ending at nowhere...
Changing Moods...Sunny...Rainy...Cloudy...Dark...Clear...Blue...Shinning..
Sunny.....Life showing up it's best bright smiling face...
Rainy....little big joys of life...
Sky overshadowed with clouds...Trouble..
Clear Sky...Hope...
Dark Sky...Sad...
Blue Sky...Peace...
Shinning with moon and stars....Beauty
Rainbow....Colors of Life...
Lively....sometimes dead...
Limitless .....
Imperfect yet so perfect Sky...Life !!

~ Shail

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Life is New..

My Life is New, My World is New...
It's because of You, You and only You !!

The Sky is Wider, the Light is Brighter
The Moon Whiter !!

Stars Shinny, Wind more Breezy
All Crazy !!

Mornings Beautiful, Days Colorful
Happiness Bountiful !!

Vibrant Laughter, Vivid Smiles
Avid Heart !!

Dancing Rain, Singing cloud
Loud Loud Loud !!
Yet Peace All Around !!

Breathing More, Dreaming More
Living Dreams !!

My Glass is full - Life and Zeal
Content I Feel !!

Destination Unknown, Journey Delightful
Companion Wonderful !!

My Life is New, My World is New..
Just because of You, You and only You !!

~ Shail
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