Life is indeed beautiful..It took me more than two decades to realize the same. We let go little joys of life waiting for something big.. but life is not about few big things, it is collection of million little moments of happiness & love...Sharing my encounter with ‘Beautiful Life’ and bringing out the emotions from the corner of my heart…..

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Goodbye, darling!!

It’s time to say you goodbye. You had enough effect on me. You touched me and I felt beautiful. You healed me. I had a great time with you - certain moments of fun, happiness, few smiles, many laughter, moments of letting go with some tears . I will never be able to forget you. You brought me closer to life and closer to my dear ones, as well. I love myself much more today than the day we crossed. You are certainly leaving me as a better person. Thank you and love you, sweetheart, for everything. The fragrance shall last!!

Goodbye, 2010.

With Love

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Reply to Lover

I can’t stop smiling since the day you told that my smile brightens up your world…
You talked about holding hands and dancing together….since then I had numerous dreams of long walks hands in hands…..and dancing to the rhythm of life– sometimes in rain and sometimes on clouds!!!
I am seeing you in my mirror saying that I am the most beautiful woman in this world…
I would like to live my each day with you
And I would like to die a day before you
I believed when you said that ours shall be joyous and fulfilling life
I know, life shall not be the same always…darkness may follow brightness…failures may show up between successes…there may come little moments of despair as well..
We shall fight all struggles of life together
In your moment of weakness, I shall be your strength
In me you shall always find a friend and a companion
At times, we may not agree with each other, but there shall never be a time when we shall not respect each other….
Visualizing our life ahead - Rejoicing our togetherness and adorning our beautiful world…
Life is journey…can’t wait more to share ours!!!

Your Love
Letter from Lover:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

इक लड़की थी दीवानी सी

इक लड़की थी दीवानी सी
कुछ पगली सी अनजानी सी
दुनिया से बेगानी सी

खवाबो में वो रहती थी
सपनो में वो जीती थी

लहरों पे वो चलती थी
रेत के घर बनाती थी

अरमानो के साये, उसके दिल पे छाए रहते थे
गहरे गहरे नैना उसके, कुछ न कुछ तो कहते थे

जीत भी उसकी हार भी उसकी
कुछ खोती थी कुछ पाती थी
खुद से ही तो लडती थी

न सुनती थी बस कहती थी
दीवानों सी फिरती थी
यों जीती थी यों मरती थी

रात के तारों से अपने, दामन को वो सजाती थी
चाँद को तो वो, माथे की बिंदिया बनाती थी

इक लड़की थी दीवानी सी...

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Dear God,

Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I can feel your hand on my head…
I strongly believe that you are always there to take care of me…
Sometimes, I forget you; but I know you never do
When something troublesome turns out to be for my good, I can see you smile…The mysterious smile of mastermind…
When I fold hands and intend to reach out to you….I feel connected to you...
My voice and the prayers from my heart touch yours ….
After reaching the dead ends, when my eyes fall on brighter paths…I am aware that you are the one guiding me with the light…
When I stumble; I hear you saying GET UP...
When I get into trouble, my heart says that it is to save me from disaster...
When my plans don’t succeed, I tell myself that you might have better ones…
When, sometimes, I behave selfish and tend to lose humbleness; something in my mind ticks…I am sure it’s you telling me not to...

Is this the FAITH?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Elder Sister...

We owe the beauty of our world to certain relations and people….
I wonder how my world would have been, had I not been blessed with my darling elder sister.
Mathematically, Having an elder sister = being pampered + being loved + being protected + being cared + ….+ getting the warmth…+…….
Half of the world I know, as of today, has been shown by her …
Sometimes she plays a good friend, other times a cool mom..
Certain struggles and troubles could never reach me as she filtered them out…
Sister, Thanks to you for being with me, when I told you to leave me alone…
Thanks for loving me when I was not so lovable…
There were times when I was not that good, but I don’t remember a single moment when you were not..
I thoroughly enjoy our shopping sprees….I look forward to your short stay with me…those shared laughter…….long talk sessions….
Love you for what you are…
Sunshine on your face, twinkle in your eyes, all the happiness of world, all your dreams accomplished, a fulfilling life – That’s what I wish you today on your birthday.
Sis, Happy Birthday…
We owe the beauty of our world to certain relations and people….you know what I mean..
(From a not-so-perfect sister)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beautiful life: Looking out of my window – Yesterday & Today

Beautiful life: Looking out of my window – Yesterday & Today

Sharing my first it again today, felt like sharing the message with the world. It went unread, as was posted when I was the only visitor to my blog!!

The original one was written years back as a part of my dairy writing.

You may like it!!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

To the World

To the world I know, but who failed to know me…

Because I once cried, don’t think I am weak
Because I once spoke out my pain; don’t feel that I am still hurt
Don’t look at me with that sympathy in your eyes
Come on, I have a beautiful life :)

Because I lost once; don’t believe I’ll give up
Because I fell once; it doesn’t mean that I won’t stand up again
I had a nightmare; but I still carry the courage to dream again

I am not an introvert; just that I judge people first before getting close to them
I am not ignorant; I know what to talk and to whom so that noone is hurt
I have only few friends; because I believe in having few but real good friends
I too have admirers; only that I don’t like to shout about them……

Because I once cried, don’t think I am weak.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Letter from a Lover

Dear Precious,

Life is journey, we cross different phases; times changes; we all have our share of laughter and tears, joys and sorrows….you are here with your own destiny, me with mine… and I don’t know how much I shall be able to influence yours, but what I surely know is…

When the world shall be too hot to handle, I’ll be there with you

When you find it difficult to hold on, you can silently weep in my arms

When tired, you can rest on my shoulders

Sometimes, I may not understand, but I promise to listen always

I am not a Super-hero who shall drive away all your troubles, but I bet I can make you laugh

The moments of sigh and despair shall be lighter…

I may not be able to take you around the world, however together we shall create a beautiful world...

Ours shall be a joyous and fulfilling life

Holding hands, we shall walk….

Have I told you that your smile brighten up my world

Life may change; whatever may come and go, my love for you shall never change

You are the most beautiful woman on this earth and you shall always be the one

During our older age, we shall sit under the sun, shall play and share the laughter & giggles

Before dying, I shall pray to God for another beautiful life with this pretty lady as mine

Life is journey…Let us share ours…

A Lover

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Diwali...

I feel lucky to be born in this country of festivals. Holi, Diwali, Lohri, Rakhi…Every festival has its own grace. I like all festivals, but somehow Diwali is my favorite ...

There are so many things I like about this festival of light. First, during this time everything around seems so full of life…markets are vibrant…homes decorated…...

Second, it is the time for family and friends… I love spending this time with my family...

Diwali Shopping is another attraction…. Other special thing about this festival is sweets…

Diwali night looks so beautiful with candles and lamps lit everywhere under the dark sky…

To me, ‘Happy Diwali’ means wishing someone ‘Life’, ‘Love’, ‘Light’ and ‘Sweetness’...

Happy Diwali to everyone and to me, as well!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

From My Heart...

I am back with a smile on my lips;

I am back with a twinkle in my eyes;

I am back with thousand dreams;

I am back with all my spirit;

I am back with cheerfulness around;

I am back as a better person;

I am back as a stronger being;

I am back as a blissful soul;

I am back for a heart to heart with life!!

~ Shail

Sunday, October 24, 2010

How I Love Chocolate...

Sometimes I have it... just to feed my sweet tooth
Sometimes……… to boost myself with much needed energy
Sometimes…. to uplift my mood
Sometimes….because I can’t say no to the one who offers
Sometimes…because I simply can’t resist
Sometimes……because I am happy
At times, I grab one in order to treat myself
Sometimes for love; the other times for longing, for craving….
Everytime I smartly manage a reason to bite on some!!

~ Shail

Monday, October 18, 2010


Sometimes……Tired of running, I stumble and feel like stopping
At that time, something inside me says KEEP GOING; and I manage not to fall..

Sometimes, happiness and joy all seem to melt into emptiness
Deep dark silence encompasses the song of my heart
My world seems to be falling apart
And then something inside me says KEEP GOING; and I keep the Faith up...

Sometimes, I try and I fail……
I so much want to give up, when something inside me says KEEP GOING and forces me to give it yet another chance…..

Sometimes, the world is rude and I feel like hiding away
But I gather all my courage to face it and fight back, as something inside me says KEEP GOING

Sometimes, the black clouds of trouble seem to overshadow my life
But Somehow I sail through by telling myself KEEP GOING!!

~ Shail

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Time

Today is an off from work. Plus I shall be alone at home. Plus the city is closed. But I have plans….I am going to spend this day with myself. I remember the times when such days used to be awful and lonely ones. But not anymore…Reason – I have started enjoying MY TIME. In fact, I look forward to such days. A day for writing and reading………. a day for pampering myself with Home Spa……a day for catching up that movie I missed, relaxing in couch with my refreshing cuppa………….a day for cleaning up my nest, as well. As I clean up, I feel I am driving away all the negativity around. Organizing home seems to me like organizing life, sometimes. My beautiful home reminds me of Beautiful Life I am endowed with. Also, this shall be a day for trying my hand at that new recipe. At times, I wonder how few ingredients could be turned into a perfect dish. If I can make a Perfect Dish, I can create Perfect Life as well………. by using the ingredients tactfully and artistically.

My thoughts are wandering. These are the few hours without any human soul around. Time to introspect, time to reconcile life lived till date, time to rejuvenate till I show up the world a brighter soul tomorrow!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I wish to be a Super-Woman !!

It was a Sunday night…Monday morning blues were already catching me. I offered the daily dose of little prayer to my Almighty and embraced the bed for ‘Heavenly Sleep’. Few hours later (as it seemed to me), I was woken up by a sudden thud……….I opened my eyes to see the divine light around…I was at this strange place that seemed to me like a set of some mythological movie......As I looked around, I traced a little boy. Totally confused, I enquired, “Who are you? Where am I?” The little one smiled and replied, “I am God and you are in Heaven….” And listening that... I laughed……..I laughed hard. The boy was silent and still smiling, he said, “Don’t you believe me…number of times you have said that you have faith in Me.”

‘Puzzled Me’: And why are you here with me?
‘Probably God’: To Grant you one wish.
‘Puzzled Me’: Why me?
‘Probably God’: Because you have faith in me
‘Amazed Me’: Can I ask for anything?
‘Certainly God’: Anything………but anything for you only.

I was super delighted….thinking hard….my brain working twice as faster…..come on, what do I want for myself……….Money……..hmmm… ‘No’………I’ll not be able to enjoy the money not earned by me, will earn it myself………..Love……..I have enough of it in the form of family and friends………..Happiness…....I don’t need to ask for it, I am capable of making myself happy – I’ve learnt it and already tried it…….

What else??? I was running short of time……fearing that ‘The God’ might change his mind…I started thinking about my daily life……..Me hitting the snooze button of alarm thrice and waking up with it’s fourth hellish ring….running to leave for office in time… cooking… burned chapattis at times……. skipped breakfasts…. Headaches…struggle to keep emotions at bay at workplace (being girl, it’s a bit difficult)…….. Groceries running out of stock…..unending household chores……. n number of bills to pay …….Blah…Blah……Blah

“I wish to be a Super-Woman” I blurted.

He Grinned...“Granted”

And there goes my alarm clock……..the marvelous scene of ‘The Heaven’ was slowly vanishing……..I was wondering if I’ve actually met God……..And then my hand pressed that snooze button…as usual, I got up late..again me, running and rolling to reach office in time………but today with an incessant smile and hope that someday it might come true and I be a SUPER-WOMAN, managing all shows of my life with sheer Perfection !!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Simply Love: Calculation of Love !!

The way we love someone does not depend much on what the other person is, but on our own capability to give that infinite love – The thought clicked my mind a few days back.

There are certain people who get more of love from the world and others who could not find enough of it. Why is it so? A friend once told that if you are nice and lovable, you get all the love. I refused to agree. I have seen people very kind and true by heart, who are respected but not always loved.

Another friend told that you are lucky if you are loved. Now, that made some sense. The more love you get, the luckier you are. The more ‘loving and giving’ people you find in your life, the more love you receive.

The sum total of all the love on this earth is determined more by our ‘Capability to love’ rather than our ‘Ability to be loved’.

I wonder why most of us concentrate on ‘being loved’ rather than ‘love’? Why we always want to be at the receiving end?

The world is a mirror, whatever you show up, reflects back to you. The Love and kindness you give this world comes back to you in some way or the other!!!

That’s the simple calculation of 'Love'!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Simply Love (I)

If nothing called ‘Love’ existed on the earth, ‘Life’ would not have been as ‘Beautiful’.

Through ‘Simply Love’ series, I intend to express different aspects of Love.

Presenting the first post of the series hoping that it touches every Heart…….It is a ‘fiction’ but the feelings are not ‘fictitious’. Hope you enjoy the reading!!!

“Goodbye…. Happy Vacations, Abha” shouted her friend after she got down from school bus. The 12 year old was full of excitement, as Dad had promised visit to her Uncle in California during the Christmas break. For the last few weeks, she had been chatting to her cousin Asha and planning the trip. Since the day she saw the pictures of Asha in Disneyland, she had dreamt about the place number of times. Today, she had to mail Asha the final schedule of their visit. She ran towards her house and rang the door bell twice. Mom opened the door; she took the school bag from her and kissed her lightly. “Ma, when are we going to California?”, asked little Abha. “Have your lunch. I have to visit the doctor. We shall talk about it in the evening after your Dad shall come”, replied Mom. She ate her food half heartedly and went to her room. Lying on the bed and thinking why the Mom had not told the plan, she fell asleep. She woke up in the evening and found herself alone at home. Feeling restless, she went to the garden for a walk. All her excitement had been vanished with the feeling of anger, loneliness and the feeling of not being loved enough. She was desperately waiting for her parents to come.

Her wait did not last for more than ten minutes. Dad took her in arms, gave her the chocolates he got for her and asked about her day in school. She replied in a low voice- The chocolates made her happy but could not do the enough magic. The phone bell rang, Dad rushed to pick the phone, and it was Ajit, Abha’s friend. Ajit was leaving for Mahabaleshwar the same night and he called to say goodbye to Abha. They didn’t talk for long as Ajit had to go for shopping with her Grandfather. Mom called Abha for dinner as she hung up the phone. As they all settled on dinner table, Mom announced that she had prepared Abha’s favorite ‘Aloo Palak’. But Abha was not interested in it; she impatiently asked, “Dad, when are we going to California?” Dad replied politely, “Not this time, dear. Your mom is not well. Also, I have some work at office. We shall go next year.” Abha shouted, “All my friends are going out for vacations. I have to visit Disneyland. And you promised, Dad.” “Beta, it’s not possible this time. We shall have good time here at home only”, Mom tried to calm her down. She was not listening; crying she left for her room without eating. Dad followed her with food; and somehow managed to make her eat only little. She was not ready to talk to them.

Next morning, Mom took her to watch the new Animation Movie. “We will go to Kiran Aunty’s hospital now. I have to talk to her. It will not take long”, Mom told after the movie. It was long since Abha was waiting outside the ‘Examination Room’ while her Mother was in with her doctor friend. Losing her patience Abha decided to peep in and check out what’s happening. She opened the door and heard their conversation. Ma was suffering from severe pain of some kind and some surgery was to be done; also there was some trouble at Dad’s office – That was all her innocent mind could grab. She didn’t go in and went back to take her seat on the bench. “When there is so much heat at home, how am I shaded and so protected? How I never felt the pain?” wondered the little thoughtful heart. “Abha, your Dad is waiting outside. We shall now go to the ‘Pizza Place’ for lunch. You asked for it last week, right?”, Mom’s voice brought her back from all ‘hows’ and ‘whys’. While walking through the hospital corridor, she asked, “Ma, why did you never tell me about your pain? And why are we going to ‘Pizza Place’?” Mom looked at her little princess with moist eyes and replied, “Because we love you. And I am fine, sweet.” She took her mother’s hand in hers and kissed. She has got her answers along with her first definition of ‘Love’.

Love is……protecting the one you love from pain!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Random Thought (Different Seasons)

Hi.. I am writing after a long time…at least it seems to me. It is just a random thought……

Isn’t it strange the way season changes?

Different Seasons of nature……… summer, winter, autumn, rain…….. With every season, the nature changes and ‘the feel’ changes, as well. Every season has its own grace. The nature becomes beautiful in its own way, with each new season.

Winter brings with it foggy white elegant mornings, warming sunlit afternoons, the joy of cuddling warm blanket and sipping hot soups……..

Summers are marked with long evenings, pleasures of cool showers, summer shopping, ice creams and shakes……

Rain crawls in with lovely weather, dancing drops, greenery all around, taste of fried snacks and beating loud music…

Different seasons of life
……..Pain, Happiness, Love, Sadness……..With every season, my life changed……… Each new season did wonder to me…

Pain arrived and instilled strength in my spirit……..brought me closer to the ‘closed’ ones. Tears ran and washed my soul…

Happiness came with super delight...

Sadness ended with added humbleness to me……..

Trouble made me realize my potential….and left me a better person…

Achievement filled me with confidence and proud……

Failure made me to value success…..

My heart enriched and grew beautiful with passing of each and every season through it…….

“Love touches you and your life become more beautiful………”

Just a random thought……I told you!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Make the most of it...Enjoy it !!!

I was in high spirits coming back from work on Friday evening. I decided to prepare ‘kheer’ to mark the start of weekend. On my way home, I bought a packet of milk; and some raisins (I just love raisins) for a more delicious serving. After reaching; I switched on the music, emptied the milk in a pan and put it to boil. I splashed some water on my eyes to relax myself. The mood was setting in for a lovely weekend. My craving for ‘kheer’ had also intensified.

As I crossed the mirror, something stopped me. I looked myself……………I could see the reflection of my entire life………….each year, each day, each moment of my life that had passed. Tears, pain, happiness, smiles, success, trouble……….every lost memory came alive. Millions of thoughts rushed to my mind….somehow I was not happy with the life I had lived …….I Regretted for some of the things I had done……….and some others which I should have done but I hadn’t…………..Regrets over something spoken and something unspoken………wished that I could change certain things and times.

‘Ah, the milk…..’ I completely forgot. I rushed to the kitchen……..half of it was already spilled. I was numb. ‘Come on….move…… least don’t waste the rest of it’…….this surge of thought hurried me to turn off the burner. At that point, I was not disappointed instead I felt elated, as that very thought clicked something…………"At least don’t waste the rest of it (life)".No point crying over the split milk………No point regretting for what has already happened.

Only a glass of milk was left, I thought of making the best of it; simultaneously decided to make the most of my remaining life, as well. Few years later, looking again into the mirror, I don’t want any regrets……….. I would like to see my life lived to its fullest………with no ‘possible desire’ left unfulfilled……..with no ‘right word’ left unspoken….with no ‘wildest craziest thing’ left untried…….with no ‘dream’ left dissuaded.

I chilled the milk; and with a yummy mango, prepared a cool sweet shake. Added a scoop of ice cream with chocolate chips………dropped some nuts and raisins over it. My perfect serving was ready. I enjoyed every bite and sip of it……..declaring the sweet start of weekend

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wonders of Rain !!!

It was a Saturday morning; I was woken up by thunder clouds. Getting up from my bed, I slowly opened my eyes and moved towards the window. It was drizzling outside………..’Beautiful’ was the first word I uttered that morning.

Watching the rain drops, my thoughts wandered …………I felt these drops were the tears. Something inside me cried out…….Let it rain so heavily, let it pour down, let it wash away all the pain of my heart, let everything be clear, clean, fresh and new inside me. Lightning hit the sky and the rain started dancing, thumping its feet on the ground. I closed my eyes; I sensed the rain drops slowly finding way to my heart – drenching it with beautiful emotions, feelings and thoughts. All wounds were healed….everything inside repaired.. I felt renewed…….no part of my life was left dried. As I looked out, every bit of nature was afresh, green and lovely. The cool breeze perfumed my morning. I stepped out and danced with the ‘Rain’!!!

~ Shail

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Office Office

What could be a happy ending of a college life? The traditional answer is -Getting a good job, probably. I believe, it's a beginning of new phase of life. Things change - some for good and some for bad.

I remember my first day at my first job. Lots of excitement..... butterflies in stomach, little fear, happiness, millions of imaginations in mind. Looking back, i feel it was a nice first experience......entering a completely new territory.....with new people around...totally different atmosphere compared to my college/school.

I have understood the 'office' better with time. It is a kind of mini life. 'Life' within 'Life'. Like Life, here also i have to give my best shot. As it is said, "Don't take life too seriously or you won't be able to enjoy it". The same applies to office. You should not be too emotional about it. Stepping inside my home in the evening, i tell myself - leave the office behind the door. At times, you have to struggle at your workplace, you don't always get the credit equal to your work. So is 'life', you don't get back as much as you give.

I have learnt to laugh over certain unavoidable situations at my able find some humor in every bit of it....People arguing with each other when all of them are trying to prove the same point....... Listening to certain irritating fellows, as some of them happen to be your seniors..........meetings which end without any conclusion....

Without doubt, i love the brainstroming sessions and knowlegde sharing with learned collegues. Team work is always a fun.....every little achievement excites me.....i feel alive. I completely enjoy the laughter sessions......Chit Chats in my 'All Girls Group'......Lunch breaks......Tea Clubs......bitching about the management....

Oh..but sometimes i wish i could bunk the office just like the college classes.

Over the period of time, i have realized that all-in-all office is not that bad, though i desperately wait for weekends :-)

For me, the Mantra for a good office life is -
Take it Easy !!!
Do your part of duty well !!!
Enjoy !!!
Love it !!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

बस आगे बढते चलना तुम.................

जब राह धुंधली पड़ने लगे, जब दिल घबराने लगे
जब साथ न हो कोई साथी, और मंजिल नज़र न आती
जिंदगी से लड़ना तुम, बस आगे बढते चलना तुम.........

जब अँधेरे हों घहरे, जब रात हो काली
तूफानों का शोर हो, और हाथ हों खाली
उम्मीद न छोड़ना तुम, बस आगे बदते चलना तुम.........

तमनाओं की लों को तू कभी न बुझने देना
आँखों से ख्वाबों को तू कभी न छंटने देना
आंसुओं को दिल में तू कभी न उतरने देना
हरा दे जो दुनिया, तो खुद को न खोना
बस आगे बदते चलना तुम...........

जीत की आशा कभी न छूटे
मन का ये दर्पण कभी न टूटे
लिखना तू एक नयी कहानी
गम की न रहे कोई निशानी

होठों पे हो हंसी, हिम्मत हो मन में
कदम न डगमगाएं तेरे, बस आगे बढते चलना तुम.................

~ Shail

Monday, July 12, 2010

Canvas of Life !!!

Deep asleep, I was woken up with a thunder blast. Absolutely shocked………..opening my eyes……to the blurry sight.

Hey.... suddenly I could glimpse the shinning and glittering light. I have been offered the pure white canvas of life. Scribbling my own story………. Playing with millions of colors………. painting and decorating my world. Oh, I could touch the sky, could collect the stars and the moon and paste them to my lovely canvas. I could bring the rainbows and sunshine to my nest. Beautiful flowers, Divine nature around, I am sailing through the clouds.

I am the fairy with a magical wand; I am Cindrella with magic shoes. I am the angel; I am the princess. Thrilled with the beauty of outside world………. Sensing my inner beauty as well…………Dancing to my own tone, singing my own song……… living by my own rules…………..creating the best of each moment. I am so happy; I am so content. I am the fire, I am the water. I am the one illuminating my own world. I am the river taking my own course. I am the free bird enjoying my flight. Hope, desire, beauty, love, smile, success, dreams, happiness, miracle, peace………….describe my world. No one can make me cry, no one can hurt me; for I am in-charge of my universe.

I could hear my laughter. I could feel the life smiling back………………………………

.....................................I am not done…………infinite joyous thoughts still struggling to find words…………..........................................

Once again................. Love You, Life. And Love You, God, for all the beauty of my world !!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The People

In our life, we cross different people. The wider the variety we meet, the richer our experience becomes. Over the years, I have found kinds of people and many of them have amazed me & have added to my learning.

There are people whom your friends will say are bad but you could not understand why; as they always remain good to you. However, it becomes difficult for you to trust them.

There are people who try to show you that they are your well wisher and friend, but they shall spread bad words about you behind your back. It’s difficult to deal with such people.

There are people who are everyone’s best friend, without knowing the meaning of friendship. It’s better to keep away from them.

There are people whom you never understand. They behave abnormally under different circumstances; and you always strive hard to know why and how.

There are people who know their rights but not responsibilities. These are real selfish people. They just frustrate you.

There are people who can’t say sorry. They are real cowards. Ignore them.

There are people to whom you connect immediately without even knowing them much. Probably, they send their friendly vibes the moment they meet you first. It’s good to have them.

There are people who are easy to talk to. You tend to share your life with them without any fear.

You find people who are not your friends but will support you in your tough time unexpectedly. They are people who will stand up for you just knowing that you are right, not concerned of what relation they share with you. They are worthy of your friendship.

You waste your emotions on certain people and they will take you for granted. No matter how much you care, these people just don’t give back. Just get over them.

There are certain people whom you always feel like trusting, even after your trust is broken once. It’s better to be careful with these people.

The dangerous of kind: Give your life to them and they will backstab. You are unlucky if you find one.

There are people who are your real friends, talk to them after years – they are still the same. You can approach them during any difficult stage of your life. Such friendships are to be cherished. The more you have, the lucky you are.

Certain people know their limits and understand what to talk and what not to. And, hence, it’s immense pleasure talking to them. Then,there are opposite of kind. You feel like shooing these buggers away.

There are people who are fun talking. You simply enjoy their company. These people make you laugh. Spend time with them and appreciate them.

Certain people love you through out your life. When in pain, they come by your side and assure that they are always there. They never press you to tell them everything, giving you the liberty to share as much as you want. They shall listen to you, as well patiently, hoping that you feel better and just wanting you to be happy. These people are life's real treasure.

~ Shail

Saturday, May 8, 2010

For Ma

I just caught hold of my old dairy this morning and found this poem written by me in my school days for my mother. I remember sending it to her with all emotions of a little girl studying away from home.

Thought it’s a perfect occasion, being Mother’s Day today, to acknowledge my mom’s contribution in my life………

"She is a candle.........showing me the light
She is a flower.........telling me to look towards the light
She is a cloud..........showering on me the rain of love
She is a tree...........protecting me from hotness of sorrow
She is a me the water of happiness
She is the earth........teaching me to be patient
She is a mountain.......preaching me to be strong
She is nature..showing me the peace hidden in simplicity
She is the silver moon light.......inspiring me to write "
~Little Me

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am in Love

Yes, I am in love. I am in love……………. with myself.
For me, loving self means:

Looking into the mirror for long and feeling that I am beautiful……

Dressing up my best each day……

Enjoying my morning teas……

Indulging in long cool baths…

Having Chocolate for breakfast………

Sleeping till late on Saturday mornings…………

Taking afternoon naps in air-conditioned room on hot Sundays…

Waiting for weekends from Tuesdays………

Dinners, Spas, Shopping, Pizza Huts…

Reading ‘Two States’ travelling back home………

Gossiping with my female friends……

Taking off from office to relax at home, just like that…………

Listening loud music while getting ready for office………

And tapping my feet on dance numbers knowing that I am bad at it……………

Smiling often, without any reason……

Being lazy sometimes…

Being myself always.........

Talking to my ‘few but good’ friends………

Allowing myself to be angry with people and talk it out as well, at times…………

Being selfish sometimes………

Treating myself with Chocolate Truffle Pastry, Temptation – Rum & Raisin, Sweet Corn, Kala Khatta, Water Melon………(Little pleasures)

Having ‘I am the best’ kind of feeling………

Being happy always………

Dreaming a good life ahead…………

Believing that whatever wherever……….God is with me

These days I catch myself doing most of it; I am truly, madly, deeply in love with myself. It is a beautiful feeling, most enjoyable. And believe me it is the best kind of love…………….because it can never ever hurt!!!

- Shail

Monday, April 19, 2010

Little advice to the ‘Great’

With all enthusiasm & courage, determined to become ‘Self Dependent’ in all aspects, I decided to learn driving. And by the way, it was also my one of the many ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. After 15 days of training by an irritating instructor, I stepped out…….driving, all on my own. The mad traffic, horn sounds, and bikers overtaking from both the sides………….I was just so out of breath. Left, Right, Rear mirror – so much to concentrate on; clutch, gear, brake, and accelerator – number of activities to be remembered and performed at the same time. I had always thought that driving is a fun activity, just being on your own and listening to FM. Why is it so difficult, God? Why can’t it be like my favorite ‘Crazy Cabbie’ game – speeding high hitting the other racers? The best part is you can start a new game any time if u r not scoring well. At least, allow the 'hitting' part, of course, without damage to any LIVING or NON LIVING element.

Everyone who loves me force me to eat – heavy paranthas, butter, ghee, green vegetables, Milk. Even the distant relatives and aunts/uncles from neighborhood comment on my slimness (weakness) and offer free health advice. I can’t eat this much. Why can’t I charge myself daily just like my mobile, without spending any time and effort on eating? And I become strong and full of energy with all that electric power in me, eating for taste only when I feel like.

Going to same office daily is so boring. Sometimes, I wish we had the option of mutually exchanging jobs with anyone, anytime and for as long as we wish. I imagine myself going to my sister’s workplace for a day or two when I m tired and sick of mine. And she is performing my duties in exchange……….Wouldn’t it be fun?

What if I had ‘Undo’ option in my life………..I would have undo all small mistakes and reversed all big blunders of my life and would have lived a perfect life.

Wish I had a Jennie from ‘I dream of Jennie’, who could fulfill all my desires with wink of her eyes. Or better if I be the one, I promise to help everyone with their sets of wishes, relieving you, God, from some of your tasks.

I think I should stop now, as I am becoming too greedy………

I am not complaining……but, ‘The creator’ could be more creative in designing life. I am just handing over tit bit of advice………………

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I met life..........

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets……………

There are times in life when we really have to hold on to certain situations and fight to achieve certain goals. At that time, just give your best shot and cash on every opportunity that comes your way. Many people quit after reaching so close to their aim. When something inside you says I can’t, just give it another chance.

At other times, we have to let go off certain things and people in life. Everything in life happens for a reason, believe it. You can’t question destiny, so let it take its own course. Just sit back and wait for the God’s plan to unfold.

Life is all about balancing between the two acts.

Never regret your past. Be at peace with your past, in order to have a happy present.

“Mistakes are part of being human. Appreciate your mistakes for what they are: Precious Life’s lessons that could be learned only hard ways.“

For a long time I believed that the life is about to begin – The Real Life. But there were always some obstacles on the way, some good happy things awaited to happen……………… At last I understood that these obstacles were my life. The Real life shall start the moment I let it to……………..

Love you, life.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear God,

I know, God, you always have better plans; grant me Faith to always believe so.

Whenever you endow me with pain, acquaint me with equal strength to bear the same.

In whatever situation of life I am, please take care that I don’t do any wrong.

Grant me enough kindness towards others trouble and courage to sail through my own.

In the best moments of my life, let me remain polite & humble.

When in dark, lead me to right way. I completely trust you, God, and lay my life in your hands.

Also, Make me more cheerful, so that I enjoy every bit of your creation called ‘Beautiful Life’.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Looking out of my window – Yesterday & Today

Yesterday – My eyes caught the sun, sinking in its grave. It made my heart to sink, too, in the ocean of pain. The fading colors from the sky reminded me of life moving out of my life. Blackness ran over the endless sky, symbolizing the disasters shadowing my dream world. The night was silent, every damn thing around was dead. It was a gloomy slow never-ending night. I felt shattered, depressed. Something inside me was killed, a warm tear tickled down my eye.

Today –As the sun was falling behind the sky; I could feel its smile. The changing colors of the sky – Red, Orange….; just like the beautifully unfolding life. Shinning stars embrace the sky; it is an amazing moonlit night. I can see the light, the light of hope. The peace is settling deep down my heart, every moment is so full of life. Oh! I am feeling alive. Tears of happiness are floating in my eyes. I thank God for this beautiful precious life.

Is this the same night (life), I wonder!!!
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