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Monday, April 19, 2010

Little advice to the ‘Great’

With all enthusiasm & courage, determined to become ‘Self Dependent’ in all aspects, I decided to learn driving. And by the way, it was also my one of the many ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. After 15 days of training by an irritating instructor, I stepped out…….driving, all on my own. The mad traffic, horn sounds, and bikers overtaking from both the sides………….I was just so out of breath. Left, Right, Rear mirror – so much to concentrate on; clutch, gear, brake, and accelerator – number of activities to be remembered and performed at the same time. I had always thought that driving is a fun activity, just being on your own and listening to FM. Why is it so difficult, God? Why can’t it be like my favorite ‘Crazy Cabbie’ game – speeding high hitting the other racers? The best part is you can start a new game any time if u r not scoring well. At least, allow the 'hitting' part, of course, without damage to any LIVING or NON LIVING element.

Everyone who loves me force me to eat – heavy paranthas, butter, ghee, green vegetables, Milk. Even the distant relatives and aunts/uncles from neighborhood comment on my slimness (weakness) and offer free health advice. I can’t eat this much. Why can’t I charge myself daily just like my mobile, without spending any time and effort on eating? And I become strong and full of energy with all that electric power in me, eating for taste only when I feel like.

Going to same office daily is so boring. Sometimes, I wish we had the option of mutually exchanging jobs with anyone, anytime and for as long as we wish. I imagine myself going to my sister’s workplace for a day or two when I m tired and sick of mine. And she is performing my duties in exchange……….Wouldn’t it be fun?

What if I had ‘Undo’ option in my life………..I would have undo all small mistakes and reversed all big blunders of my life and would have lived a perfect life.

Wish I had a Jennie from ‘I dream of Jennie’, who could fulfill all my desires with wink of her eyes. Or better if I be the one, I promise to help everyone with their sets of wishes, relieving you, God, from some of your tasks.

I think I should stop now, as I am becoming too greedy………

I am not complaining……but, ‘The creator’ could be more creative in designing life. I am just handing over tit bit of advice………………

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