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Monday, September 27, 2010

Simply Love: Calculation of Love !!

The way we love someone does not depend much on what the other person is, but on our own capability to give that infinite love – The thought clicked my mind a few days back.

There are certain people who get more of love from the world and others who could not find enough of it. Why is it so? A friend once told that if you are nice and lovable, you get all the love. I refused to agree. I have seen people very kind and true by heart, who are respected but not always loved.

Another friend told that you are lucky if you are loved. Now, that made some sense. The more love you get, the luckier you are. The more ‘loving and giving’ people you find in your life, the more love you receive.

The sum total of all the love on this earth is determined more by our ‘Capability to love’ rather than our ‘Ability to be loved’.

I wonder why most of us concentrate on ‘being loved’ rather than ‘love’? Why we always want to be at the receiving end?

The world is a mirror, whatever you show up, reflects back to you. The Love and kindness you give this world comes back to you in some way or the other!!!

That’s the simple calculation of 'Love'!!

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