Life is indeed beautiful..It took me more than two decades to realize the same. We let go little joys of life waiting for something big.. but life is not about few big things, it is collection of million little moments of happiness & love...Sharing my encounter with ‘Beautiful Life’ and bringing out the emotions from the corner of my heart…..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

How I Love Chocolate...

Sometimes I have it... just to feed my sweet tooth
Sometimes……… to boost myself with much needed energy
Sometimes…. to uplift my mood
Sometimes….because I can’t say no to the one who offers
Sometimes…because I simply can’t resist
Sometimes……because I am happy
At times, I grab one in order to treat myself
Sometimes for love; the other times for longing, for craving….
Everytime I smartly manage a reason to bite on some!!

~ Shail

1 comment:

  1. He he he.. me too! I lovve chocolates.. who doesn't?


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