Life is indeed beautiful..It took me more than two decades to realize the same. We let go little joys of life waiting for something big.. but life is not about few big things, it is collection of million little moments of happiness & love...Sharing my encounter with ‘Beautiful Life’ and bringing out the emotions from the corner of my heart…..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


"I tried to change the world and I tried to change myself, as well…………while changing the world was much tempting, changing myself was much difficult." The statement came from my tired mind the other night as I lie down. I wanted to talk it out, as the thought continued ringing my head, disturbing me so much that I could not sleep. After hours of restlessness, I got up, went out, breathe in some fresh air, looked above and decided to speak to him.

"The process of self change is so painful……it’s like working on my shadow. Overcoming the resistance, fighting the perception, looking the things from the other side……… and what not. Sometimes, I find myself just shuttling back and forth over something. Working on me is the hardest job I have ever encountered. I am stepping ahead but each step takes so much. At times, I wonder if I’ll ever be the person I wish to be. " I vomited out every misthought.

I heard back:"After every backward step, take two steps forward…that way you shall always be advancing further. Change is difficult but not impossible. Stumble, fall, rest…….but KEEP GOING!! Change, you must, for each day must see a better you!!"

"You with me?" This time my heart screamed.

I heard back: "KEEP THE FAITH"

I Smiled, had a relaxing sleep. Next morning I was ready to show up a better me !!


  1. Fantastic to hear this! To have Faith in Life and in Change
    Each day brings the opportunity to move on, to change things, behaviours that don't serve us anymore and to keep faith God is here with us on the road.

  2. Yeah.. absolutely.. a change withing is more decisive and tempting, also it takes a hell amount of time with a blend of rigidness. But, then change is the law of nature. Keep blogging :)

  3. Marie, Glad to know that u liked it.

  4. Rachit, I shall keep blogging, Thanks :)

  5. change is inevitable and we got to change as time goes by.

    each day brings new oppurtunities and ways we jsut got to look at them with a open eye..

    all the best and take care


  6. All change faces the challenge of inertia, primarily of self, and from the outside.

  7. Bikramjit, I agree. Change is the law of nature. We should look at change as an oppurtunity. Thanks and best wishes

  8. @ Anil: Change is difficult, it always comes with reluctance. It requires strong will.

  9. sometimes a change changes ur life !!!!


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