Life is indeed beautiful..It took me more than two decades to realize the same. We let go little joys of life waiting for something big.. but life is not about few big things, it is collection of million little moments of happiness & love...Sharing my encounter with ‘Beautiful Life’ and bringing out the emotions from the corner of my heart…..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Second Chance

She looked out of the window at the dark sky. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. Today is her last day for she’ll not see tomorrow morning as per her belief. It’s her 22nd birthday tomorrow. Last year, this day she had a strange dream and in her dream an old lady told her that she won’t wake up next year this day. She didn’t believe initially and took it quite lightly until a month back when she suddenly fell ill. She was diagnosed of Malaria and was not recovering. So, she was brought to this hospital. A loving nurse asked her birth date and there it went to her head. Since then she is dying every moment. She weeps every night. All she tells her worried mother is that she’ll die soon. She is not able to eat, she is not able to sleep, she is not living, she is just waiting to die. As per her medical reports, she is cured of the disease. But she has turned too weak. Doctors are telling that it’s in her mind. However, nothing is helping as she has decided that she’ll not wake up to another year of her life.

Next morning, her eyes opened to see flowers all around in her room and a note from her mother, who visited in the morning, didn’t wake her up and has left for work. She is shocked, astonished, surprised!! She couldn’t believe that she is seeing this morning. Tears were falling endlessly from her eyes. She has got another life – a second chance.

Sometimes, life gives us second chance – to live, to dream. The second life is often more beautiful. You had lost everything only to realize that it’s not so.

Reborn to do stupid things, to follow my heart, to chase crazy dreams, to live more….


  1. amazingly true.. :)

    read something similar which I happened to pen down few months back.. I hope you will like it ..

  2. Shail, I am living a second chance myself, so I do know what you speak of. :)

  3. I dont know about second chances or thrid chances but i do beleive that we all get choices and chances all the time , How we use them and take them depends on us , what path we choose to go is upto us .. We need to keep our eyes open and our heart open ...

    All the best and Take care ...

  4. Beautifully written Shail! Second chances give us to live truly, in harmony with who we are really.
    It often happens after a difficult tim or a shock and it looks like we wake up from a bad dream or our eyes start to see beauty around us.

  5. @Punam: Lucky are those who get to know what second chance is !!

  6. @ Bikram: Yes...we need to keep our eyes and heart open always so that we don't miss any chance or opportunity.

  7. @Marie: Right..Second chance gives u a peaceful life. You are at peace
    with urself, feel blessed and could see the beauty around


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