Life is indeed beautiful..It took me more than two decades to realize the same. We let go little joys of life waiting for something big.. but life is not about few big things, it is collection of million little moments of happiness & love...Sharing my encounter with ‘Beautiful Life’ and bringing out the emotions from the corner of my heart…..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crying by the River side

“By the river Piedra, I sat down and wept” A book by Paul Coelho, I am currently reading. The title attracted me the very first time I saw this book few months back. The thoughts that crossed my mind at that time have struck back again now when I am actually reading the book. I could not help but pen down the random thoughts.

Sitting by a river side and crying…..tears blending with water and losing their identity………. Water washing away the tears……… and may be the sadness along with…… It shall take away all the pain with it, as well…….. Looking at the river, no one can make out that it is carrying with it few salty drops ……..the vastness and the beauty of the flow is hiding few drops of dead dreams.

Ever wondered why tears are transparent? I guess because Tears are Transparent – revealing our inside – sadness, pain, joy, happiness, love.

Tears – Expression of each and every emotion – Sign of being human.

~ Shail


  1. " sign of being human " is the best thing u wrote

  2. Well you said it yourself in the last line .. sign of being human ...

    beautiful. no shame in crying


  3. It also has a cleansing effect as it gives us a sense of relief once we have shed them :)

  4. Tears are transparent because they hold untold grief. Definitely a sign of being human.


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